Problems with Windows Server 2008 [Answered - WS 2008 is not supported]

My server OS: Win server 2008 64bit Sp1
I’ve installed Roon but when I try to start appears a fatal error:
Required Audio Codecs Missing! But I can’t find the Codecs (in your suggested web page there are only suggestions starting from server 2012).
Thank you

I suspect that you need to download and install Windows Media Services for Win server 2008…?

Done. But the problem remains: Missing audio codecs (with a link referred to win 10 and server 2012!

Then I suspect you are out of luck. Microsoft stopped support of win server 2008 R2 back in 2013

Well, I think that change my OS only for this program is too much. I only find strange that doesn’t exist a simple audio codec, provided by Roon Labs, for win server 2008 R2 Sp1!

As far as I’m aware, Roon Labs don’t supply audio codecs directly. They come from the OS supplier… And Microsoft has clearly stopped supporting WS 2008 R2…

I think I remember there was once a step in the installation where you had to tell Roon where the codecs are. I don’t remember any details. Ask @support . Or @andybob, he knows everything.

How can I ask to @support? everytime I try the site tell me that I cannot send a private message to that user.

Support is a group of people not someone you can PM, you just notified them by tagging them as you did.

I understand, I’ll wait until someone could solve my problem.
Tank you

Server 2008 is the same code base as Windows Vista, which is not supported. I’m actually kind of surprised it installed at all.

Sorry we don’t have better news here.

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Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 are very different. You’ve referenced both in your posts.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1

You will change from Windows 2008 sometime. Life moves on I’m afraid. I’d use Roon as an excuse to do so.
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