Problems with your software

Your software is good.
But the following problems are annoying:
if I connect an external backup hard drive, roon reads it in, even though I have only set my music hard drive as the source. This is just my backup hard drive. Please program in such a way that only my music hard drive specified in the preferences is read.
That’s really annoying!

And you claim to know pretty much everything:
For example, you obviously don’t know the following labels:
Sound Liaison
Blue Coast Records

Yes - your software is good - but there is still room for improvement…
LG Volker Ziro

A number of us have attached backup drives that this does not happen to. It shouldn’t happen unless you specifically include it so some details of what you are doing would help diagnose the problem.

I’m speculating, but does your backup drive have exactly the same name as your music hard drive? If so, given that Roon seems to reference storage locations by path, I’d suggest changing it.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but I have a few Sound Liaison albums in my collection …

I have a 1 TB USB HDD plugged into my Roon Nucleus for nightly backups with no such problem.

Hey @Volker_Ziro,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! It’s great to see you on community again.

Following up with what @ged_hickman1 and @DaveN have mentioned, you should be able to use an external backup HD without it being read by Roon. Are you able to provide more details into which HD you’re using, as well as your issue? Take a look at your Roon Settings>Storage, and share a screenshot of that as well.

With this, are you running into metadata issues on some local files? If so, please share a screenshot of the files in question as well. Thanks!

We’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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