Procedural EQ broken

Did you click the arrow on the right?

for sure I clicked that… but nothing happened… the arrow on the right show me the filter… but scrolling down no settings about channels… clicking on the arrow on the left instead of opening an additional menu with channels setting I’m pushed back to previous page

the software is broken

do you know if there are any news?

any news?
… ten days have already passed :worried:

René is a moderator, not a member of the support team.
@support could some respond to @Paolo_C please. :pray:t4:

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Hey @Paolo_C,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in and bring this to our attention. I also apologize for the delay in my response!

I wanted to let you know that we’ve taken your report and shared it directly with our product team for review and to gain further information on the subject. I will keep you in the loop on the next steps, and if there is any new information to share.

I’ll reply directly to this thread, so you’ll be notified once we hear more. Thanks so much for your continued patience while we look into this further.


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I was able to reproduce this issue. The problem is specific to the “Parametric equalizer” filter within the “Procedural EQ” filter. When the Parametric equalizer is expanded to allow editing, the channels disappear. I’ve fixed it now so it should be coming in an update soon.


Thank you Brian :slightly_smiling_face: