Procedural EQ channel application problem

I have a hearing problem. My left ear has a loss of 4db above 2kHz.

I’ve applied a high shelf on the left channel only, using a parametric and procedural eq.

However, in recent weeks Roon is applying this to the right channel as well. I can notice it fairly quickly and turn the right channel off in the dsp settings but it keeps getting turned back on. It happened again today. Is this a bug?

Speaking from general experience but, in this case, specific ignorance: Why not add a perfectly flat filter via parametric/procedural EQs for the right channel? Then, they can both be on at the same time.

That’s worth a try. I’ll give it a go.

Applying the EQ to the left channel was like putting my distance eyeglasses on, having not realized how bad things were without them. It made a significant improvement when listening to my system. Before it was like the mix was panned to about 2 o’clock.