Processing speed inaccurate (noticed especially on Hi-Res Internet Radio Playback)

Just started listening to JB Radio 2 at 192KHz and was surprised to see my processing speed indicated at 1.9x

So… I looked at my actual CPU usage and it’s only 11-13%. I have a quad-core Mac-Mini i7, so maximum CPU is 400%. So… the core is not being taxed at all.

Thought I’d try some different file types and see if there’s any correlation between ‘Processing Speed’ and actual CPU Usage.

Loaded up a DSD64 File… Processing speed is indicated as 12.1x… CPU usage is 13%

Tidal MQA file… Processing speed is indicated as 15x… CPU usage - 15-17%

Standard 16/44 ALAC file… Processing speed not indicated (Over 100) CPU usage is 6%

So… What’s this ‘Processing Speed’ thing all about…? Should I actually take any notice of it?

Why does it not correlate to my CPU usage at all?

an you give the url for tjis Radio 2 at 192

And their Home page where you see what is playing and a 2 hour history.

Linl is not working with “add radiostation” !

@fernand_lambert Oops!

Try this, I copied it from my link in Roon.

Super, reminds me of radio Paradise but in superior quality, now plays with Roon on Nad M50 and the JB Radio2 website open with ipad sowing cover art and what plays

Glad it is working, sorry for the incorrect link

No problem.
Roon should urgently work on cover support at such internet stations, the covers are there, why not use it. We have to insist on it, I think.

Brian has recently said that Roon is working on a complete redesign of the Internet Radio feature:

It’s a great quality station isn’t it?

A quick question folks… linking to the subject of this thread…

Out of interest, what are you getting reported as Processing Speed when you play the radio stream?



We’re aware of an issue that can cause processing speeds to be a bit higher than expected with internet radio streams. This is a display problem, does not reflect actual increased usage, and only happens during internet radio playback. Its still be investigated but we are actively working on it.

As for the other questions, just keep in mind that you’re looking at the processing speed for a single zone processing on a single Core, and that this is only measuring the time spent processing audio–not the time spent fetching it or transmitting it to your audio device.

Roon also does work in the background like audio analysis, metadata updates, syncing your TIDAL library, maintaining network connections with audio devices and remotes, and keeping the user interface up to date. So just note that you’re not really comparing apples to apples here.

OK. Thanks @mike. I shall not worry any further! :smile:

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