Processing Speed Not Shown?

What happened to the processing speed display?

Did that go the way of the supported rate indicator?

It must still be there because someone noted that MQA decoding causes it to take quite a hit. Remember it only shows up when it gets to a lower figure (can’t remember what the threshold is).

This? Still there, click on the star.

Yep, just checked, Processing Speed still there for me too (all software up to date).

From memory the threshold is 100x

Thanks for your replies, but my signal path display no longer shows processing speed. As to what the threshold is, I can’t believe my new 7th gen i5 NUC (with only 2 cores and a clock of 2.2 G) is exceeding the threshold.

Some thing else is happening in my system since 1.5.

@support, no big deal,but any ideas? I’m just wondering how my new NUC is performing relative to that POS MIni I was using for core.

No changes in this area. Like before, it’s only shown when your processing speed drops below 100x.

This is probably what’s changed:

If you’re not seeing it, that’s good news :wink:


Then, my new NUC is so much better than the Mini, in many ways. Funny, the Mini has a faster clock. Now, I’m wondering if it’s the way macOS Roon core is written or maybe just macOS, but it doesn’t matter.

At last , I can play to more than 1 endpoiint simultaneously without dropouts. Maybe now I can upsample to DSD512.

Me happy. :smiley: