Processing speed of DSD256/512 files dropped to <1x after Roon v1.8 upgrade

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC10i7FNH, Roon Optimized Core/v1.8 (build 764), 256GB SSD houses Roon DB

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

NO WiFi/Router in signal path. All Roon devices (core, NAS with audio files, PC acting as a remote, Chord Hugo2/2go, MicroRendu, NUC) attached via a Gigabit switch. there is NO WiFi or routers anywhere in the Roon signal path. ALL devices are within 10’ of Gigabit switch.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Chord Hugo2/2go, MicroRendu/OPPO Sonica DAC, via direct ethernet cat 6 to Gigabit switch

Description Of Issue

When running Roon v1.7, the processing speed of my DSD256/512 files would hover between 3x - 4x. After the v1.8 upgrade, all of my DSD256/512 files run at a processing speed <1x (somewhere between .6 and .9x). Obviously, i get numerous halts in playback and the “slow file loading” message.

As you can see from my system description, this is not a network issue as I have no network for my Roon setup. I have everything direct ethernet wired into a Gigabit switch for a fast, uncluttered signal path.

This occurs on both of my network endpoints (Chord 2go and MicroRendu). I am running DSD native.

I tried cycling my NUC and even my NAS (QNAP TVS-671) even though it only stores my music files. No change.
Any ideas?

What do you mean: “NO NETWORK…this is not a network issue” - there IS a network in your setup. Your Core talks to Chord using RAAT protocol. RAAT server is newest (you have 1.8); Is Chord Hugo firmware also newest?
Can your NUC play locally? If yes try to see if locally it is also <1x.

I to have noticed a drop in processing speed since 1.8 this is local on core to DAC and to network endpoints. Nothing else has changed. Also USB playback has become impossible without dropouts that never happens before. I can only assume this version of Roon is much busier. Hard to tell what its doing on rock due to lack of any system stats.

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Via USB not via the network.

Hi Lonek,
I edited my post to be more clear. There is no WiFi or router connectivity involved. I know folks have Roon issues sometimes that end up being related to their physical network connectivity. I am making it clear that I have the cleanest physical path that I could think of to put in place to ensure I would not have WiFi/router-based Roon issues-only a Gigabit switch to allow all Roon components to talk to each other.

Are you doing any other processing, a pic of the signal path would probably help support.

As an aside, you realize that Chord decimates all incoming dsd to PCM before it processes it. So all that conversion to dsd is kind of wasted as the first thing chord does is turn it back into PCM. The only chord product that actually can process dsd is the Dave.

Hi Rugby,
thanks for the reply. Yes, i do understand how the Hugo2 processes DSD files vs the Dave, and I also realize that the 2go will downspeed a DSD512 file to its supported DSD256 level.

none of this has any bearing on the problem I am reporting, however.

OK - clear.
The only thing that comes to mind is that now DSD conversion consumes more resources?
Let #support to explain this.

Is parallelize delta sigma modulator on?

Hi Rugby, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Yes it is on, and I understand that can put an extra load on the system.

You do have a good point. I disabled it, and the very same thing on both endpoints. DSD256/512 files run between .5 and .9x processing speed.

It will probably be ineffective, but it is worth to try to reset proper zone DSP to defaults, restart Roon (just in case, Core and Control) and configure this DSP again.

Similar issue here. 128 dsd does not even start with convolution filter engaged in an i5 NUC. Does not matter much now, but something has changed bringing the processor to its knees.

Hmm. On my Nucleus+ I think DSD files play faster on 1.8. I don’t go DSD native to my chord gear (Dave/Blu and Hugo TT2/mScaler) so have to do PCM conversion and in my Dave/Blu zone am also running a convolution filter for room correction so this puts more load on the system and with all this I’m not seeing anything less than 5x with DSD 512 files now which for me is better with 1.8 than with 1.7…

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