Processing speed of over 100x does not display?

When I use SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) + Convolution, the processing speed displayed in the signal path is around 7-12x. However, if I disable SRC, the processing speed disappears. I’ve briefly noticed display of 90x. Is the processing speed not displayed if its 100 or over?


Nice. This is what I observe with Convolution on and nothing else in the DSP chain:

  • 16/44.1: >100x
  • 24/96: ~50x
  • 24/192: ~20x
  • 24/352.2: ~7x
  • MQA: ~16x with various bitrates

This goes to show that audio playback even with room correction doesn’t really require much horsepower. Looks like my 2014 Mac mini i5 with 8GB RAM (core + output) will serve me for many more years, unless we have improved filters requiring more compute power.

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