Processor Demand

Where is, or what happened to, the indicator for processor demand? I thought it was visible when you touch the color dot to see signal path. Has it been removed? Is it a setting I’m missing?


AFAIK, it is only displayed if the speed/demand drops below 100x.

Can’t imagine my processor is that powerful! It’s an i5 in a QNAP. I try enabling some DSP and see if I get it.

You’re correct. I enabled DSD256 and I got 3.2x. Amazing it jumps to over 100 without!


Here is a link to the Roon Knowledge base page that discusses CPU usage in relation to DSP. It doesn’t specifically say it won’t be displayed in some conditions, though. Not sure where I read that.

I don’t see it either. Would be nice to have it display regardless. Confusing!

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