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Am new to Roon and the online community here! Have been using iTunes ever since I can remember and (at the moment) use ALAC files exclusively. I have started to move over my ALAC files to a new “Roon Library” folder (I know I can set Roon to watch the iTunes folder but wanted to start afresh.)

When doing this I also update the ALAC files with some new fancy tags which I could not see in iTunes. As an example take the tag “Producer”. From what I understand in ALAC files I have to add this as a PERSONNEL tag, and again as an example I see enter this:

Value = Narada Michael Walden - Production_Producer

The above following the naming convention according to the KB - “name - credit_role”.

However, this tag does NOT show in the credits section in Roon. What am I doing wrong??

Interestingly, the tag “REMIXED BY” followed by Steve Thompson DOES show. Should that even be possible - don’t I have to use the PERSONNEL tag??

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Narada Michael Walden The person’s name Tag content
Producer Credit Role Tag content
Production Credit Category auto-matched by Roon

Try this instead:
Value = Narada Michael Walden - Producer

From File Tag Best Practice:

The general format of the PERSONNEL tag is "name - credit_role" and the credit role in the tag must match one of the recognized Roon credit roles.

From Metadata Model:


A Credit consists of three components:

  • A link to a performer
  • The role that they are being credited as
  • The category of that role

There are six categories:

  • Main Performer
  • Performer
  • Ensemble
  • Composer
  • Conductor
  • Production

This categorization is fundamental to how Roon deals with credits. Virtually all of the business and display logic related to credits is looking at the category when making its decisions.

You can find a full list of credit roles and how they map onto categories here.

Roon merges credits data from multiple sources on a category-by-category basis. Meaning, it’s possible to see a track that gets its Composer credits from your file tags, but its Conductor credits from Roon’s metadata service, but the merge algorithm never uses multiple sources to populate a category.

Also do ALBUMARTIST or ARTIST. These are well known tags supported by Roon (Import Settings).

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Hi BlackJack, YES! This worked!

Thank you VERY much!

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