Product Code meta tags


This page says


What can be used besides ISRC, UPC and ASIN?
For example, EAN and JAN were not reflected in Product Code.

If EAN or JAN is not supported, please support it.
Thank you.

The page says: ISRC, UPC, ASIN, etc.

That “etc.” means “and other similar things”, so in fact the Product Code can be anything. All product code schemas are supported. In Roon, it is simply a text field, that can be used to hold numbers, letters or an arbitrary mixture.

If it is UPC, it will be displayed in roon.

However, in JAN, it is not displayed in roon.
I want JAN and EAN to support roon barcode tags.

Ah, OK, I see what the issue is. Roon’s import process is only looking at certain coding schemes for the product code file tags. Let’s see whether Roon Labs will consider extending the import process in a future release of Roon.

You can always manually add the product code for albums with non-supported schemes, but I can understand that this might be a significant amount of work if you have a large number of such albums.