Product ID 886972948423 has Allmusic review for 884977158724

The issue is the metadata for 886972948423. This is Teddy Pendergrass’ self titled 1977 release. The Allmusic review included in the album view is the review for his 1980 release, “TP” 884977158724

This is the first one of these reports I have filed. Hoping the Product Code is the most useful unique designator.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Joe_Perry. Thanks for the report. Actually, a screenshot of the problem is often more helpful, because product codes aren’t a primary index for us. Anyway, I found the problem and have made an edit. It could take up to a week to filter down into your library.

Justed noticed that de ID3v2 tag field “ISRC” (edited in MP3TAG) is not equal to the Product Code in Roon. Under Prefer File Data it says “Roon data is being used because your file does not have this data”?

In MP3TAG i used the ISRC field for the 12 digit barcode, should i use another field to get Roon get the right product code?

Hi Léon. You should use UPC.

Moetschjos Graatsias, just tested it and it worked :ok_hand: