Production Focus Section

Why are not all entries listed in the focus producers section? I miss especially those entries done by myself.

Is the metadata present in the tracks/albums?

I have a largish library in many genres and a Qobuz subscription. When I did an initial focus on Buerli nothing came up.

However, when I did a magnifying glass search on Buerli four albums (not in my library) came up.

I added them to my library and then did a focus on Buerli and this came up:

yes it is present the albums

Thank you Tony!
Astonish selection :wink:
Anyway. The problem comes up when you edit an album. Try to do that and check if it comes up then in the focus search.

If you are using file metadata, then you should be using the PERSONNEL tag:

If you are editing an album in Roon, then edit the Credits of an album:

What edits are you making that are causing a problem?

I made several edits to the “Unsung Songs” album. It still comes up in Focus. If those albums are not coming up for you, maybe they are not in your library.

BTW. If you are active on the Zurich Jazz scene do you know a guitarist Tom Brunt?

I always experience what seems like a similar problem, possibly the same. I feel it has been that way for all of the 3 years since 1.7 that I have used Roon, but I can’t be sure about the early times when my knowledge was more limited.

If there is a Producer/Engineer/etc. credit on an album that comes from Roon’s metadata, this album appears in the Production section under the Discography tab of the producer person. This is good.

If Roon’s metadata is missing the credit and I add it by editing in Roon, then the album does NOT appear in this section. This is bad.

I never knew if this was a design limitation or an outright bug, so I never got around to reporting it. However, it is one of the more annoying things in Roon for me, because these crosslinks are one of my favorite Roon features.

Probably because the Album is Unidentified in Roon, and therefore the credit does not exist in the Roon’s cloud database - only the local metadata is displayed for the local album.

No, they are identified, the credit is just missing in the metadata, like they do so often for anything that isn’t Pink Floyd, so I have to edit it in manually

@Peter_Buerli. Are you this Peter Buerli (aka Peter Bürli)?

In that case my roon has 58 Production credits for you:

They are all Qobuz albums and of course when I add them over to my library your Production credits will follow.

Embarrassingly I don’t believe I have ever tried manually adding a Production credit to see if that remains invisible in roon. I’ll try.

Yes, Tony, I am this Peter Bürli (the umlaut may also be a problem).
I co-produced music (mostly jazz, national and international) for swiss national broadcast for 35 years until my retirement by the end of last year. All in I did more than 1000 co-productions.

BTW. I did not know Tom Brunt. One more time I can see that the language borders in Switzerland are stronger than any other…

So I created and added a fictitious Producer “Tony Productions” to the album Unsung Songs (Peyer, Weber & Stoffner)

When I do a Focus there I am:

The CEO of roon came from the studio/production world so I would actually be surprised if there were basic problems with production credit handling.

Holy cow. Then why this is not working for me?
Thanks anyway for the effort. Appreciated.
Earlier in the thread moderator Geoff Coupe suggested to use the personnel tag for albums edited.
But obviously you didn’t need to do that.

As I said - the PERSONNEL tag is used in file metadata (if you use a third party tag editor); in Roon itself you can edit the Credits for an album directly.

Roon has actually been localized into several languages. There has also been a major exercise ensuring control over how Composers and Artists are displayed. For example I can choose to have Russian artists displayed in Cyrilic or American English. I do not think a few umlauts are going to cause a problem.

I don’t know if this feature was extended to Production credits. Maybe someone knows? It looks also as if there are opportunities here to have the different forms of your name equivalenced in a way that suits you better. It’s time I think for roon to chime in as the knowledge about these matters under the hood of other roon users like yourself is probably at its limits.

I believe this is what I did. I do not use any third party editor. And still the edits I made are not displayed.

Can you make a few screen shots of what you are doing? It is difficult to understand what your editing process is. I assume that because you are the producer you have your own copies of the music files and are editing the associated metadata somehow using some sort of tool, maybe a pro-audio tool.

PS. Depending on how (and to what type of audio file) you are adding metadata, roon may not necessarily be able to read it. This is why most roon users (from the consumer world) use a handful of 3rd party editors that are known to work, such as mp3tag, Yate, dbPoweramp, JRiver and some others. Also, not all audio formats are supported which may be an issue if your files are studio or pro-audio originated.

You can also edit directly in roon as both myself and Geoff have done. But if you have your own personal copies of these albums it would be better to edit them directly using the PERSONNEL tag as Geoff has already mentioned.

Here’s what I did…

I have no existing Credit entry for Peter Buerli, so my first step was to create one

Typed in Peter Buerli, and then Roon asks for a role to be assigned:

I chose Producer and then the credit was available to be added to my album:

Clicked Done and then Save on the next screen, and there was the credit:

Here is my work step by step

And in Focus the album is not listed, since I made the edit myself.