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In earlier versions of roon it was always possible to see albums associated with members of staff and production when selecting the person. However since (I think it was 1.7 but not sure) this isn’t the case anymore.

roon provides this for artists which are directly invloved in playing the album for example of Eric Clapton when selected roon lists

Soloalbums or better said, albums where Eric Clapton is defined as a primary artist
Albums with Cream
Albums with Derek & the Dominos
Albums with the Beatles
Albums with John mayall
Albums with the Rolling Stones
Albums with Blind Faith
Albums with The Band

Appearances on other albums like Zappa, Plastic Ono Band, etc.

The bold ones appear also for other artists, while the “with XYZ” ones appear only when a certain number of albums are available with the artist.

Eric Clapton as a composer is easily accessible by selecting the artist’s compositions or in the composition editor.

This is all fine and very usable.

When it comes to production artists like Greg Calbi for Mastering, Eddie Offord for Engineering, etc. roon sometimes lists some albums, sometimes not. For self-defined production persons the albums are not listed at all.

Focus on the albums page is not useful here as it is slow and not intuitive (when viewing the credits and just clicking on the name).

Why is that the case? It would make life much easier.

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