Products and solutions that are certified Roon Ready?

I’ve ben unsuccessful in finding a list pf devices that are certified Roon Ready? Is there such a list?
(without having to sift through a 200-page thread)

The reason for this is my recent encounter with the Hifiberry’s RoonReady image for the Raspberry Pi with any of the Hifiberry products (Digi+, Digi+ Pro, DAC+ or AMP)
I wasnt aware it was possible to get a RoonReady solution for less than $70.

And i’m sure there are other potentially good sounding solutions in all different price categories?

There’s this page on the main website.

@andybob , that page doesn’t actually include HiFiBerry in the list, whilst it does include IQaudIO. That strikes me as an omission.

Thanks, but what i was hoping to see, is a text based list of all devices/solutions that have been certified?
The partner list on the main site is nice, but it does not give you an overview over what options are available if you are searching for a ready to run solution.
Not just for us old gits that have been messing around with different solutions already, but for newcomers too.

What options are there and what would they cost me?

You need to be a nerd to navigate forum, kb, website, faq. It’s a test to see if you are nerdy enough to use Roon.

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As Ludwig says, it’s a test. The KB is still not easy to navigate. There’s this page tucked away that may serve as a starting point in answering your question.

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Thank you @Geoff_Coupe, thats very close to what i was scoping for!