Profile / Facebook Problem

After much grief I finally got Roon 1.8 running. Initial impression - NOT a fan.

I start going through the Roon settings hoping I can find ways to fix the mess that is the new UI. Came across being able to connect to Facebook in Profiles.

So I did it. Roon says it’s connected.

However, now I can’t save my Roon profile settings. The profile image area has a spinning symbol. The Facebook image area has nothing.

I suspect Roon is trying to get my profile image from Facebook and not succeeding. While it’s not succeeding I can’t change or Save my profile settings.

Hi @Lloyd_Borrett

I just tested this and things seemed to connect okay for me. Can you try doing this again and make a note of the time the connection fails? We’ll enable diagnostics and take a look. Thanks!

It’s still not working for me on any of my devices. The moment I go to edit my profile the spinning starts. I can’t edit my profile. This is on my licence at home. Because it isn’t working at home, I haven’t tried setting it up on my work system.

After eventually getting upgraded to build 764, I tried editing my profile again. This time I was able to remove the Facebook link. By asking to remove the profile image I got back control of my profile.

Let me know when you’ve fixed the problem and I’ll try it again.

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