Profile image how to add

@support Please let me know how to Add an image for my profile. I understand the requirement to “Paste URL from clipboard”, but it does not work for me, on either the ipad (Pro) or iphone X. My understanding is to hold the image, click ‘copy’, and that function places the image onto the clipboard. i believe there can only be one link/text/image on the clipboard. Frustrating. Thanks for any thoughts.

An image is not an URL.

If I click on to my profile picture on top right
and then on the cog wheel, scroll down to Profile Picture
and then click on the pencil right next to my actual profile picture
I get the following options to choose from:

Upload Picture opens up the standard OS’s chose file dialog of my system.
I don’t know where your “Paste URL from clipboard” comes from.

Maybe you want to use a desktop browser to fulfill this task.

Hi @Jim_Adams,

For this function, you’ll need to paste a link to an actual URL and not copy the image itself. If you paste a URL here does that work for you?

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