Profile image upload is not working

Small bug - finally tried to put a photo into my profile pic and it doesn’t work. It says “drag-n-drop an image” but when I do it, nothing happens. Actually, at first nothing would happen - and now Roon just quits when I try to do it.

Thanks for the report, I can reproduce this. I’ve opened a bug report and we’ll get this fixed for a future release.

Yes same issue.
Also, ss it possible to also add a background picture to the top of the Overview area - to replace the flat background? Can’t seem to find that option if it exists.

I’m also experiencing this problem, but the last post was so long ago. Was there a fix and I’m just not seeing it?

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@support I am also having difficulty. I m using a MacBook Pro. When I drag an image file from Finder in the profile picture area, the profile area just disappears again. Is there an image file size limit or pixel limit that is stopping me?

Hi @en1omb ---- Thanks for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Can you please verify for me what version of OSX you are running and if you are comfortable with it, could you send me the picture you are trying use in a PM to test on my end?


Thanks @Eric. Turns out closing Roon and opening again did the trick. Should have tried that first. Sorry!

As @jayrammusic says, it would be good to be able to have an image in the banner as well.

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This issue was never really resolved for me. I finally resorted to creating a profile on LastFM and editing my profile photo there (painstaking process to get the photo centered in the circle. I then logged into my LastFM account in Roon which finally made my profile image appear. First of all, I can’t believe how vain I am to have gone through all that trouble to get my photo to appear! Secondly, it’s silly that uploading a profile photo via MacBook takes more than one or two clicks.