Profiles and tags

Just a quick simple question.
How can I prevent that tags from my grilfriends profile show up under each track title in album view.

Since Roon doesn’t have real profiles, i.e. where everything in one profile has the potential to be separate from everything in another profile, I don’t believe you can.

Hmmm, are you sure? That’s why people would want their own profile. The whole tagging,bookmarking system as workaround for abou everything is pretty messy to begin with so I really would like to see only my own tags.
Anybody know a way how to do this?

Completely agree.

In the tags browser, select the tag and edit it. Set the owner to you, and not shared. The KB may be useful.

Loked at that allready. The tags are only owned to my girlfriends profile, still they show up under every track title in the album view.
I also tried moving that tag to my profile and back, it still shows up.

Unfortunatly that whole profile thingy is totally pointless the way it is currently designed. Of course Tags and Bookmarks of one Profile should NOT show up in another Profile. That‘s the whole point of having different profiles!

If I remember correctly this is a bug fix („feature“) request that is pending since quite a while. I for one very much hope this will get fixed anytime soon but wouldn‘t hold my breath.

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Designed is a strong word. For all their challenging existing paradigms they certainly didn’t think this one through and rather than make things better implemented an ill-conceived, pointless mess.


Harsh but in this case undeniably true.

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Ahh, you’re right. Apologies.