Profiles - won't accept birth year of 1950 [Ticket In]

We have a friend who is staying with us for awhile. I have a Roon endpoint in our guest room and wanted to give her access and a profile to allow her to explore Roon on her own.

Access is no problem, but when I attempted to set up a profile for her (Profile → Create) and entered her name and birthdate, Roon says 1950 is an invalid year. I tried 1949 and 1951, too, with no joy.

Is Roon being ageist, or is there something else going on here?

I just tried a quick test, and it’s working for me.

The only things I can think of:

Make sure you type 1950 rather than just 50 (the latter generates an error). The leading zeroes for day and month don’t seem to be necessary, but maybe include them anyway if needed.

Check that there are no unusual characters in her name (I can’t see this being an issue, but might be worth checking).

Here’s what comes up for me. I’m trying to do this using Roon Remote on my Android phone.

Haven’t tried it on my desktop yet.

Weird. I just did it without any problem.

Doesn’t really matter. Profiles are pretty much useless, anyway.

Supposedly Roon uses Profiles to construct and recommend Playlists and radio unique to each user based on your listening history and birthday. I was trying to create a profile for her so that her preferences would be reflected in Roon.

All I ever listen to is my own profile, so I’ve never done an A/B comparison between profiles using the same Roon Core to see how different Roon’s choices are among different profiles.

You may be right that they are insignificant, but that’s not how Roon describes them.

Talk about ageism. Or is it based on one’s Zodiac sign? :smirk:

Still, apart from the profile oddity of what you’re experiencing, I wouldn’t give a second thought.

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

We absolutely have nothing against people born in the year 1950, and I’m sure this was a strange and frustrating experience to endure. The team will investigate logs to be sure, but in the meantime, please reach out if you experience any other issues with input fields in Roon, Roon Remote, or ARC.

The team’s suggestions echo @DaveN’s. If you have any second keyboards enabled in the phone (additional characters, second languages, etc.), please verify you hadn’t accidentally enabled the second keyboard. Personally, I’ve accidentally entered alphanumeric characters with accents due to having an additional keyboard, although not on the Profile creation screen.

Did you try it yet? Does it possibly affect the mobile Roon Remote software only?
If so, what mobile OS did you use (Android or iOS)?

Just tested on my Android and works

Update -

Tried adding her profile on my desktop version of Roon and it worked perfectly. And it worked on Marin_Weigel’s Android device, so I have no explanation for why it wouldn’t work on mine. (Mine is a OnePlus 7T on TMobile). But it still won’t work on that platform.

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Differing language (localization) settings influencing number (separators)/date (forced 2-digit display for years) formats?

I’m using 1+Nord, German Android 12…

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

Do you have a manual timezone on either your Core or your OnePlus 7 Android device? If the timezone is not set to update automatically when connected to the internet, and it does not match the current timezone for your IP location, this can trigger profile issues within Roon.

Something to double-check. The team will investigate diagnostics in the meantime. Thank you for your updated report.

I too am VERY old , I just edited my 1950 with no problem ???

On Roon Remote ios14

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

It’s possible this is device-specific. Do you recall if your guest who had also encountered the birth year input issue had a OneNord phone as well?

She had a OnePlus 6T not a 7T, but same result.

I have my Core on a Nuc 7i5 running ROCK. Where would the time zone setting be, in the bios for the Nuc?

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

Sorry for the lapse here. The QA team wanted to ask if you could provide a video demonstrating the failed input for the Birth Year field on this phone - you can upload it here: Media Uploader

Our suspicion is that this is a language or font settings issue. Thank you!

Here’s a link to a screen capture video:

Hi @robert_vanarsdall,

We’ve unfortunately been unable to reproduce the issue internally with QA to pin down what might be wrong.

The video doesn’t indicate any additional keyboards or fonts installed on this device, but just for full clarity, have you ever tinkered with font or accessibility settings on this phone?

We’ll continue to investigate logs. Please keep us posted if you encounter this state again in the meantime and we will investigate diagnostics from the timestamp once more.

I wish I had better news, but the team will continue to support and provide workarounds as best we can. Thank you!