Progress bar control area too small to "catch"

In cases when I want to jump to a point in the time of a track using the progress bar with a mouse, more often than not, instead of hitting the area where you control the position of the track, I hit its background, which toggles the queue view on and off.
What’s weird is that that area doesn’t seem to be consistently in the same place. Sometimes I need to have the mouse cursor “finger” just below the progress bar line (when it’s a line and not the audio histogram, e.g. Tidal) to catch it, and sometimes it can be anywhere above or below the line within the height of the moving |.
Am I weird or is this a real thing?

Funny I have the converse problem sometimes. I go to click on the bottom to go to the now playing screen and accidentally move the progress bar in the song!

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I guess they should make it smaller then :sweat_smile:

I just need smaller fingers!

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I think the problem is really when it’s Tidal content. Because there’s no waveform display the progress bar is just a line, and the area you can control is really small.
In this case the control area needs to exceed that line. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t - and that’s the weird part and what needs to be solved.
Maybe this belongs in the support section?