Progress bar mishaps - Lock option requested...resolved in iPadOS 13.1.2

Is it possible to lock the progress bar on an ipad so that accidentally touching it doesn’t interrupt music? This happens to me too often.



sounds like a feature request so I am moving it there (now here)

Update moved to support as feature maybe not required due to Apple fixing this in iPadOS 13.1.2 update

It’s a complete nuisance, especially in iPadOS where a ‘swipe upwards’ is the way to access other Apps or the home screen.

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@support actually the iPadOS issue is very valid…it’s impossible not to have the playback jump position.

Maybe this is a bigger issue than a feature request after all

@PixelPopper Update just updated to the iPadOS 13.1.2 and this appears to solve the issue as far as I can tell.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll update and report back soon. :+1:t4:

Updated, first impressions are that it’s looking good. I’ll give it a few days of “normal” usage to check if the issue has been resolved. :+1:t5:

I only updated to 13.1.1 this morning!

(Although that also seems to fix the swipe issue… we’ll see what other delights 13.1.2 brings!)

Perhaps the update helps those who need to swipe up to go to the home screen, but my problem persists. If one inadvertently touches the progress bar, the playback position of the track will jump. If there were a way to stop this, I’d be grateful!

@ronfint This is the way it’s meant to work, same if you use the mouse and touch the progress bar in windows or macOS. The iPad issue was a bug that was fixed with 13.1.2 for prior to that in at least one version of 13.x.x…I too experienced it but it’s now no longer an issue.

As this is now a bug entry that’s fixed I suggest you raise a feature request.

@wizardofoz perhaps you could move it back please?

I concede the swipe issue that always used catch me out seems to be resolved, but it’s still pretty easy to get your thumb in the wrong place on the bottom edge of the screen on an iPad and get a rather disconcerting jump!

Perhaps a long tap/hold on the bar to enable the seek functionality on a touch device?

I agree, no problems since updating iOSdos to V 13.1.2 last night.

I was thinking of a “lock progress bar” button.

I thought you were. But I’m not sure there’s anywhere to put one on the main screen, and burying it in the config menu would be inconvenient if you did want to turn it back on. Having seek ‘off’ by default and turned ‘on’ with a tap and hold might be more convenient. I suspect it’s functionality that seems intuitively obvious until you try to program it. I’ve been there before…

But is seek functionality used often? I don’t think I use it unless something’s broken and I’m trying to test…

As this is now added to by others it’s harder to move it around and have it feature request specific so unless one of the mods can maybe extract some post for the feature request it’s easier if you start a new post there.

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