Progress bar on ipad

Hi Roon folks

My progress bar on the ipad remote, jumps 5-20 sec in the beginning of each track when i play Tidal, sometimes the music keeps playing, other times it jumps to next track.
Its out of sync somehow.
It never happens when playing local files.
It started after updating to 1.6…

I suspekt it could be my old laptop with Intel celeron N2840 2.16 ghz and 4 gb ram running Roon core, that just can’t ‘keep up’ anymore?

When playing music through the ipad there are no sync problems, only when playing through the node 2.
Maybe because the Raat version on the node 2 is not up to date and only version 1.1.31?

Hello @gert_mogensen,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this issue. The CPU on the laptop is quite under-powered as you have noted, it would be a good first step to make sure that your hardware meets our recommended specifications moving forward.

As for the other points you mentioned, I would also update your Node 2 to the latest firmware version and confirm weather this issue occurs with the Node 2 not in the mix. Just so you are aware, there have been a few reports of Bluesound syncing issues and we are working directly with Bluesound to resolve these issues, you can take a look at this thread for more information.


Thanks for your reply Noris
The node 2 is updated to the latest firmware, im aware that there is a sync issue with bluesound, but i had no problem before updating to roon 1.6
The problem do not exist when the node 2 is not in the mix…
I hope a future update at Bluesounds end can resolve it…

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