Progress bar varies type [Answered]

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I’ve noticed two progress bars when playing music. One is a straight line and the other is made up of veritcal lines that show “peaks and troughs” What is the cause of one being displayed over the other?

When Roon analyzes the music files in your library, it creates a waveform display for each analyzed track. The waveform is the progress indicator with the “peaks and troughs.” Roon only does this for the locally stored files in your library, so tracks streamed from Tidal just show a straight line in the progress indicator.

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The Waveform display is populated, for local files that have been audio analysed by Roon.

The Waveform display is flat, for local files that have not been audio analysed or when streaming from Tidal.
(I believe that Roon would like to extend this to include Tidal, but no timeline on that.)

The RKB has additional details in Audio Analysis.

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Thanks David and Carl!

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