ProJect S2 Fallout when Streaming MQA

ROON ROCK > Router > Allo usbSignature(Bridge) > ProJect S2 DAC
When streaming MQA files…My own or from TIDAL…Playback suddently comes super distortet level drops down…normal again aften 7-8 secs
ROCK and DAC/ALLO have latest bios and firmware
Nomatter when Enable MQA decoder is on or off in setting in ROON
Any clue what this could be?

Make sure you have FIXED VOLUME set in the settings of Roon. That seems to be a fix.

Kevin…Yep…Allways use fixed volume…but thnks
Think its wierd problem…but somehow…its fixebel…anywone…thnks

Seems to have somesrhing to do with MQA Studio athendification or not studio…

  1. is distortet
  2. is played allreigt

Are you set to Decode & Render or Just Render?

Set MQA Capabilities to Renderer Only.

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Very much better in upscaled from 16/44.1 > DSD512

Pic 1:

Playd as it should now…renderer only
Pic: 2

Just found out…There is 13 versions of this album!

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