Project S2 Ultra Usb Connection to Burson Conductor 3 Headphone Amp

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Project Ultra S2 connected to Burson Conductor 3

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Please excuse me, my first post, My Project S2 ultra streamer connects to my Project Amp by USB and has no issues with Roon, when I connect streamer to Burson Conductor 3 Headphone Amp, no register with Roon, yet when I connect MacBook Pro to Burson Amp Roon identifies Burson and works brilliantly, was just wanting to connect Project streame to Burson Amp to hopefully achieve better sound, but can’t get it to work, any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Hello @Andrew_Hill1,

Are you able to use the other audio sources on the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra (Tidal, Airplay, UPnP, Bluetooth, etc)?

Make sure you have correctly set the output device of the Stream Box S2 Ultra in the Settings > Playback Options screen. You can find more information about these settings here:



sounds amazing

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