Projecting Roon screen to a TV

Maybe this is not possible. Is there any way to project Roon screen I see on my iPad (as a controller) to a tv?

My Roon endpoint is Lumin T1:

I don’t see how I can hook up Lumin T1 to the TV.

I’d love to put my iPad down and take a look at the screen to see what’s playing as I do something else.


I think probably the only way to do this is to have an Apple TV connected to the TV and “airplay” what is on the iPad screen to the TV.
(I’ve also got a Lumin–S1. Great stuff!)

Thanks! I have an Apple TV previous gen on another system. But doesn’t the screen turn off when iPad goes to sleep?

You got the flagship Lumin! Awesome!

Hmmm…not sure about the screen turning off. Perhaps there’s a setting that can prevent or delay this. I’ll have to mess around with one of mine to see.

Now that you mention it, I’m also curious. When I play Roon to one of my Apple TVs I’ve been just looking at the Apple TV default album/artist/track info, which itself goes to the Apple TV screen saver after a little while.

I agree it would be great to have the actual Roon screen on the TV for as long as you are listening.

Just tested. With screen mirroring. The screen goes blank when iPad goes to sleep.

Unless setting the iPad to never go to sleep.

It also does not fill the tv screen, even when in landscape

Connect the Roon core via HDMI to the TV. If not, other methods – remote screen mirroring, OPPO endpoint – will not accomplish what you seek.


My Roon Core is in a NUC with ROCK. I am using Roon endpoints to stream so in my Lumin T1 this is not possible. Thanks for chiming in

Yes, when the ipad goes to sleep, you lose the mirror.

You can keep the Roon screen awake by going to Settings > Setup > Keep Screen Awake.

I don’t know the effect on battery life though.

Cheers, Greg

I wish that they would make an app for XBox and also Playstation… I believe that this would really broaden their customer base.


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