Prolific jazz bassist Dave Holland died in January, Roon erroneously reports

Pretty sure Dave is still with us.

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Hi @Ashley_Doane,

you’re right, of course! The guy that passed away in January this year was a DRUMMER called Dave Holland!

He passed before his time. Whoever he was. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the report @Ashley_Doane. As is most common with these cases, TIDAL has accidentally assigned the same Artist identifier to two people who have the same name, and it has confused our metadata systems. I’ve made an edit which should propagate to your library within a week, resolving the problem.

We are working on a new algorithm that will automatically notice and ignore these sorts of mistakes in the future, even when 3rd party sources of data contain incorrect information about an artist’s identity.


OK makes sense, thanks

Stupid algorithms

Ruining the stock market, too! (Stupid algorithms)