Promote Roon within your personal network

I have a deep love for music and great sound and have amassed and listened to thousands of albums over many years. I’ve always wanted to know about the artists behnd the music, their creative process, who they’ve worked with, collaborated with etc.

Roon couldn’t have come soon enough, I’ve been a fan from the outset. I was aware of Sooloos before Meridian bought it and then envied the Meridian crowd for the interface they enjoyed, but not enough to lock myself into a proprietary hardware solution.

Now Roon is here and we get to enjoy all that it brings free of hardware lock-in and unencumbered by the vision, positioning and business imperatives of an audio manufacturer. We have in our hands software that’s only about the music, and company owners who are as passionate about music as we are. Combine that passion with the vision and talent that’s clearly embedded in the Roon team and we can look forward to an increasingly rich and rewarding experience.

Let’s do everything within our power to make RoonLabs as successful as it deserves to be - rave about it and show it to family and friends, write about it on social media and online publications that music lovers and PC enthusiasts frequent. Let’s do everything we can to raise awareness of the best thing to happen to music since, well music.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to count subscribers in the 100’s of thousands, just imagine what could be achieved.


I can’t really promote Roon in my personal network as it is right now. With the destructive queue it simply won’t work for any of my friends. They are queue up songs and bounce around queue users. LMS and iPeng is the turnkey solution I implement for them.

Personally I love Roon though, does that count at all?

I also think Roon is the best thing to come along for computer-based audio streaming and do highly recommend it! But I also have a few family and friends just starting out with music streaming. They’re not audiophiles but are ready to jump from spinning CDs to ripping their music and/or streaming via the free music services. They, unfortunately, see Roon and Tidal as the Teslas of audio and want, at least initially, to take the cheap/free path. For them, I too still recommend LMS and iPeng and help them either track down used squeezeboxes or, if they’re a bit tech savy, to look at rasberry PIs or other low-cost endpoints. I tell them that those same endpoints will work with Roon when they’re ready to switch.

Personally, I think once they adopt a computer-based audio mindset, they’ll discover as I have that Roon is an awesome solution.