Proof is in the pudding

As soon as RoonBridge was released I switched my endpoints from Squeezebox Touch devices and Wandboards running Squeezelite to RoonBridge running on low end NUCs. Over the weekend I relegated the SB Touch to serving as endpoint to the Tivoli radio in the kitchen for my wife to listen as and when she pleases (she’s not an active listener and doesn’t like listening in the lounge…guess music is more of a background thing to her). Got home last night, and for the first time in 17 years she told me she’d powered up the SBT and been listening to music all afternoon whilst going about her routine. She used Roon remote on her iPhone without my having shown or told her anything about it other than that it’s the UI and started making playlists for herself…the same one’s she’s been nagging me to do for her for years. :grinning:

That everything just worked, without any fiddling or niggles is testament to the quality and robustness of the thinking and engineering that’s gone into Roon.


Somewhere there are islands of simplicity where the systems can just be used by our non-technically minded family members. It’s great to keep in mind that’s what it’s all about.

Now tell me again about SIGSEGV errors ?

I think I found them all. :smirk:

Hi Evan what do you use for the Roonserver?

Asus Z87i-PRO mini-itx with an i3 processor, 16gb ram and a 60gb msata SSD. Other than msata everything else was purchased before Roon came into being. i3 will get replaced with an i7 as I’ve a rather large library.

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