Propagate favorites to Tidal

I sometimes need to use Tidal directly, when I’m on a device away from my home server. Ok, that’s a bad thing, I wish I had internet connectivity, but that’s a different subject.

But it would be handy if when I mark an artist or album as favorite in Roon, that setting would propagate up to Tidal. I’m ok with listening from Tidal but I don’t want to navigate from a blank sheet. A lot of stuff in Tidal – that would mean I would need to hold my library in my brain, think of the music I like and then use Tidal to look it up.

Yeah, this is a good idea, and we’ve got lots of plans for even tighter integration of your local library and tidal.

There’s so much we can do with all the equivalencies, so keep the ideas coming @AndersVinberg – we’re definitely thinking the same way.