Props to Harry!

Just wanted to say - amazing product. I switched from dietpi to ropieee as I have no need of other great functionality of that distro. Effortless set up - troublesome dragonfly behaving and SMSL dac that would never handle DSD without crackles is most certainly crackle free. Bloody marvellous - thank you


Amen to that.

He’s been quiet the past month or two.

I wonder what he’s cookin over there :wink:

I’m still hoping/waiting for RoPieee on a 10 inch display but that’s not his control. I need an official Pi or Sparky display of that size to be officially supported before I can poke at him with another donation :grin:

I’m hoping he gets his Sparky image completed so I can use on USBridge.

He Tony,

Are you willing to do some testing with the Sparky board? I don’t own a USBridge, so I can’t test it…


Hi Harry,
I have the Sparky/USBridge setup and I don’t know how to access the software on it ( no access through IP address?) but I’m willing to beta your software if I can help.

Of course I am.

I’d be happy to give it a spin as well., @ALLO_audio_boards, wtf, guys !

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mmm my mistake I was sure you have a unit. Will send you one right away