Protect me from myself : validate install requirements

Is it not possible to verify the system requirements and indicate possible issues ?

My case : I installed Roon on Windows 2012 server … My mistake, but it would have been nice to receive an indication that this is a non-supported config.

Please do not block the install : people tend to get it working that is advantageous for all the parties involved. Just a warning that it might be wise to check the fora before continuing.

Another solution is to work out a validated install procedure :smile:

Very interesting suggestions.

RoonServer runs happily on Windows Server 2012r2 (with Audiophile Optimiser as well). I’m listening to it at the moment. It’s not supported in the way that Windows 8.1 or 10 are, but there are threads about how to get it working.

What problems did you encounter with 2012? I’ve had an installation of it and so does andybob. Maybe we can help.

Thanks for the offer. The goal is to Roon as the GUI, Jriver to tweak the sound. I’m also running AO.
After the install, I added the music library on a shared folder. Roon processed the files, but added nothing to the library.

I was a bit worried about a useless 14-day trial so I installed on a Windows 8. This evening, I’ll start with 2012server on a Nuc with AO, Jriver and Roon.

I was able to get it working in minimal server mode. In the end I stayed with that because of the convenience of Remote Desktop. It’s important to install all the updates and the media pack. The AO documentation is pretty good and this thread was very helpful (I could use my network driver without the fix set out there).

As Daniel said, pop back with any issues. The devs don’t formally support it, but users on the forum may be able to assist.

‘Hallelujah’ :innocent: That’s the first song I’m currently playing via Roon on the Win2012 server. Couldn’t have done it without the fora. Thanks all and especially Andybob

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Did you test wake on lan functionaliy please ?
System works fine, but I cannot get WOL active …



Hi @Georgethesixth,

No, sorry. I haven’t implemented or tested wake on lan in Server 2012.