Protected AAC - some are imported, and some aren't

Are you able to explain what determines what will be imported from itunes? All my ripped ALAC files and things that I owned seems to be imported without any issue.

However, there are some protected AAC that’s not imported, but some are. What determines which one are imported and which ones isn’t?

Has this got missed, or I haven’t been clear enough? :smile: on what what I am asking? :smile:

Hi @sparoz – sorry for the slow response here.

We will not be able to import protected AAC files. If you have some files you think we should be importing but which don’t show up in Roon, can you send me a private message? I’d like to take a look at a file or two and make sure we’re doing the best we can with your media.


Just noticed the difference between protected and purchased AAC so I have started to convert them over. I will look through them again once I have some time on the weekend as it doesn’t seem everything comes across.

Thanks for the update @sparoz – let us know if anything else comes up!