Protection against outage or DDOS?

I’m wondering how resilient the back end is in case of an outage or DDOS attack on RoonLabs servers. It would be bad to have the entire RoonLabs customer base unable to connect because of a natural disaster, other outage or bad actors. Are there protections in place for this?

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I would guess that’s a possibility, but it’s not like Roon is a critical system. It’s just music. We could probably all find something else to do for a day or two if necessary.


Roon Cloud Infrastructure has been part of Roon for many years now, and I don’t recall any major outages since I started using Roon in 2016. This would imply that Roon Labs has considered this.

2 years ago, I received the notification through Twitter.

Or that nobody cares to attack Roon [yet].

Attacking Roon by DDOS or otherwise used to be pretty silly as the users music would just continue to play anyway. :wink:

most damage is collateral for smaller companies. If you’re using cloud based shared compute and another customer gets DDoS’d it’s likely you will be impacted as well.

I have full protection in place for such an event, it’s called the Tidal App.

For me this isn’t even on the radar or something i would worry about.

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They had one quite recently it didnt take it out but it did slow it all down. It was posted on here.

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I’m glad for you that you consider a third party streaming service a contingency. Some customers don’t do streaming, they have a large library of files locally. I guess I’ll make sure to keep my alternative media server in place. That’s probably a good idea anyways in case of Internet outage on my end as well.

Well let’s hope you have a robust backup and contingency plan in place to protect that data.

Nice attempt to divert the subject but I absolutely do. Three local copies plus an offsite is enough.