PS Audio Direct Stream Now Supports Quad DSD over HDMI I2S - Please get Roon to suppor this


i9 Small Green Computer OS 2.8 24 GB RAm

Network Details

Velop Mesh WIFI 6

Audio Devices

Allo USB Signature → USB → Matrix XSPDIF → HDMI → PS Audio DirectStream DAC

Description of Issue

The audio settings limit the DAC to DSD 64. The new software version known as SUNLIGHT, which I just installed this morning, can accept DSD 256.

When I go to DSP settings Sample Conversion Tab, DSD sample rate selection is greyed out. So, I can’t program Roon to send the DS DAC DSD 256.



Never mind. I am using a Matrix XSPDIF. I had to go into the Audio Setup for this Device on Roon and change the DSD Max sample rate to 256.

Are you saying that the hardware has been capable of DSD256 all these years on I2S and all that was needed was new firmware to support it? Are you kidding me? Years without? This is yet another reason why I would never buy a PS Audio DAC. PS Audio relies on someone else (Converse Digital) to do their Bridge firmware. They should have asked for this three years ago. Amazing if true.

@John_Aiello it is your opinion and I respect it (just ignoring the not the 1st time PSA trolling there).

My opinion is that DSD256 input was correctly not on the priority list as:

  1. there was (almost?) none real DSD256 content at that time
  2. DS DAC internally anyways works at higher rate DSD (upsamples to, and with quite good precision) and as many of the DSD256 is actually upsampled DSD128 source…


Mentioning it is ignoring it how? Love the non-disclaimer disclaimer.

The new Sunlight OS now supports Quad DSD over HDMI. I connect my DS via a Mateo SPDIF. I had to reset the Max DSD rate in the Audio settings to get it to work, since I want to upsample in Roon to DSD 256 before the DAC.

DSD256 or quad DSD was originally not seen as worth the effort to achieve because with the increase in rate there was a measured increase in noise in the frequencies above hearing that we know DSD produces. The wisdom at the time was that what ever the extra sample rate gave, the noise took away. The designer was correct but like so many things, the buyer begins to look around and say “they have quad DSD, why can’t we?” Market forces then dictate that we ignore the conventional wisdom and the measurements to give the users what they want. It is a familiar story. That same designer limited his own DACs to DSD128 but eventually relented and offered firmware to give you 256 if so desired.

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