PS Audio DirectStream DAC issue with USB

@support I just purchased a Roon Nucleus and bought a Roon subscription. Following the QuickStart guide provided, I am able to connect my nucleus to the network, activate TIDAL, control it with my iPad using Roon Remote and even play TIDAL music from Roon to my iPad which Roon sees as a zone.

What I can’t seem to do is connect the nucleus to my PS Audio Direct Stream DAC via USB. Roon sees it as connected via USB but when I click on ENABLE is just displays “enabling” but nothing happens. I have tried several times and waited up to 10’s of minutes to no avail. The Direct Stream DAC is not connected to the network, just to the Roon Nucleus.

Please help. What have I done wrong?

Hi @Guy_Taylor,

Can you confirm that you have updated Roon and the Nucleus firmware? If not, try updating and let me know if you’re still having trouble here.


I updating the form ware and rebooting which seem to be working for now. Thanks for your help!

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This sounds similar to an issue I was working on with Support, though it was never resolved.

I have Roon on a Mac Mini feeding a PS Audio Directstream. If I bring the system up from cold, I always have to boot the DAC twice. If I only start the DAC once, the Roon controller screen will make it appear that everything is fine, but there’s no sound. Re-start the DAC, everything’s fine.

I’ve learned to live with it.

Thanks for sharing a similar experience. Right now I seem to be good after updating the firmware so I have my fingers crossed. I’ve done a full system restart without losing the connection.

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