PS Audio DirectStream issues with MQA after 1.5 update

1.5 broke the PS Audio Directstream DAC support.
Here’s what I see with an MQA track. DSP is Off. If I set it to Decoder only, the only thing that changes is that “DOP” is replaced with “MQA”.


Hello @Richard_Zehr,

I broke your post off into a separate topic so that I could give you more focused attention. A few things to note here

  1. There are a few issues with PS Audio’s MQA implementation that may cause some issues with Roon’s more advanced MQA features. PS Audio are aware of these issues.

  2. Even though the implementation isn’t perfect, it is possible to return to the baseline behavior you were seeing on previous builds along with some of the advantages of Roon’s new MQA features. For the best performance on your device, I recommend you set your MQA Capabilities to “Decoder only”.

  1. The reason you are seeing a 48 kHz sample rate on your display for this album is that the original MQA Studio sample rate for the album is 48 kHz. It is a common misconception that all MQA albums are high resolution. If you have an MQA capable device and you are sending it an MQA stream, it should always show the original MQA sample rate.


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OK - I’ll set Decoder Only for now. I had restored 1.4 from a backup.
I realize that the DAC is correctly showing 48/24.
Meanwhile, I’m experimenting with the trial of Audirvana+, which seems to work fine with the DS DAC, and allows creating a Play Queue that intermixes tracks from Tidal and Qobuz.

I just came across this old thread but I am wondering if this advice remains true:

I have a PS Audio DirectStream DAC with a Bridge installed. For a long time I thought my DAC would decode and render MQA albums from Tidal. Recently I learned from PS Audio that is not true. So I wonder if the above advice applies to me.

My Roon Core is on my iMac connected to the DirectStream DAC via ethernet and TP Link Powerline adapters.