PS Audio Directstream run on Intel NUC with ROCK over USB?

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Will a Directstream DAC run over USB from an Intel NUC running Rock? How or where do I get the drivers for it?

Looks like it can

Most DACs can connect over a basic OS level USB 2.0 driver, but, that does not mean all functions will work. DSD in particular, defaults to DoP in Linux , and the OS must be patched to provide DSD at highest native rates.

Most manufacturers, read almost all, do not create Linux based drivers. And, even if they did, ROCK is locked down so you could not load them.

You could plug it up and see what the rates you can play to.

The PS Audio DirectStream DAC is Roon Tested, DSD native is not supported anyway over USB, UAC 2 is all that is needed to use the DAC to it’s full capabilities over USB according to the specifications released by PS Audio. And yes, the Nucleus(+) can do that.

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