Ps audio DS jr no longer listed as certified

Roon Core Machine

core I5 9500 win10 16GB ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

dlink ac2600 router, tplink 8 port gig switch running on ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

ps audio DS Junior using network bridge over ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

roughly 60 thousand tracks

Description of Issue

My core machine died a week ago and I had to replace it with the model listed above. I then installed roon and went to add library and end points everything went fine until I tried to add the DS Junior and it now says its not certified… ( the main reason I bought it was that it was certified and has work perfectly fine for the last 2 years) if I click on enable I just get a message that tells me its not certified.

If you have any security feature in the router or Windows such as firewall, disable them temporarily.

Reboot the whole network starting from the router, include the Roon Core and all your network audio devices, especially those that shown up as uncertified erroneously.

If that doesn’t help, try clearing the cache on your Roon Core as follows:

thanks for the tips, I did a reboot of the system by turning off everything and only adding devices back to the network one at a time ( I physically disconnected every device from the network) and that did the trick when I went to enable the ps audio device it added with no problems.

thanks again

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