PS Audio link iii DAC

Hi, I’m currently using a PS Audio Link iii DAC and an wondering what MQA capabilities settings I should be using.

Setup is:

Mac > Bravo (digital processor) > DAC (PS Audio Link iii) > Powered speakers (Genelec 8030)


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Can you provide more details on the Bravo? What model/manufacturer is it? Generally you’ll want to provide MQA capabilities if the first device in the chain supports it, and you can configure the MQA strategy in the Device Setup tab for the device.

Hi Noris thanks for the quick response.

This is all I could find on the Bravo.

'Firestone Bravo – a ‘digital processor’ that sits between your transport (Squeezebox, Sonos or computer) and re-clocks the digital data prior to being sent to the DAC. Theoretically, it eliminates/reduces jitter. Much like the jitter-blasting M2Tech Hiface, the Firestone Bravo is capable of extracting 24-bit audio via USB, but it aces the Hiface with its additional SPDIF (both coaxial and optical) inputs.

Hi @Andrew_Morley,

I found a bit more technical capabilities sheet for the Firestone Bravo (listed here), but I’m not seeing any mention of MQA capabilities on the data sheet, so I would say that this device does not support MQA unfolding/rendering.

You can check with the Bravo manufacturer to confirm, but I would say that it is not very likely that it does, so as for MQA capabilities, in Device Setup, I would set it to “No MQA Support” and enable “Enable MQA Core Decoder” (under advanced). MQA Core Decoder allows Roon to perform the first MQA unfold in the software before sending it to your DAC.

More info on Device Setup and MQA Capabilities from within Roon can be found here:

Thank you so much for your help. Stay safe.


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Happy to help @Andrew_Morley!
Any further issues or questions, just let us know.

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