PS Audio NUwave DAC Kernel Streaming not working


i am still on trial and facing some more issues.
i am using Hi-End music server(PC) which is connected to PS Audio NUwave DAC that uses KS and not WASAPI.
it is working well with Jriver, Jplay, AO, Fedelizer, MinimServer etc…but not working with ROON. i always get WASAPI.
Asio is working but to my opinion KS is better sounding to my taste.
any reason why i always get WASAPI?

Operating System is Win 8.1


Hey Nir,

Thanks for the question. Right now, we don’t have any plans to implement Kernel Streaming.

We’ve changed course based on user feedback before so I won’t say never, but we haven’t received a lot of requests in this area, so for now I think the options will remain ASIO and WASAPI.


Hey Mike,

Ok Thanks, i will check the ASIO trough Jplay also and see if the quality is indeed the same.
BTW - any intensions on supporting Windows Server 2012 R2 or even the new Windows 10 that due in 2 days?

thanks again

Windows 10 will be supported and we’re testing now – couple little issues, but nothing critical. You should be ok with Windows 10 now, and it will be even more stable with our next release.

We don’t officially support Windows Server 2012R2 since it doesn’t ship with a number of audio and graphical components required to run Roon. A few users on this forum have been able to get things running, but none of us run or test on that platform and right now we don’t have plans to support it.