PS Audio Partnership-ready for the Bridge 2?

I notice they’re now listed on the list of Roon partners. Does that mean 1.2 is Bridge 2-ready?

Wouldn’t it be the other way around? PS Audio would have to be Roonready?

Probably so. Not entirely clear to me. But in my little brain, probably based on something I saw posted on this forum, I had come to think that 1.2 was important for getting the Bridge 2 online. (Before it was clear to me exactly what it was, I was thinking Roon Bridge was the missing link.) Anyway, when I saw them listed as partner–which I think is new, though I’m not sure–it made me curious.

Inquiring minds DO want to know. I have been waiting for this particular integration since Christmas!

Paul McGowan just posted the following today about the next firmware update.

Ted’s finished his part – and it is truly a masterpiece – DirectStream and DirectStream Junior have risen above the clouds once more!
We are waiting on the microprocessor changes, then the final evaluations by Arnie before release. Also hoping to squeeze Roon in there too.

Cheers, Greg

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