PS Audio Perfectwave DAC II + bridge / 2017 Mac mini / QNAP 269Pro


I want to convert to Roon with my set up.
Since my house computers are all ‘Apple’ I have purchased:

  • Mac mini 2017, 16GB DDR, i5 processor and 256GB SSD.

Attempts so far

  • Downloaded & installed the latest version of PS Audio software 2.9.7
  • Iinstalled latest PS Audio software yesterday which also allows unfolding MQA files.

Two major problems:

  1. Although I can connect my MacMini to my QNAP music library I cannot connect through Roon
  2. Roon does “see” my Linn Majik DSI, but doesn’t see the PS Audio DAC II + bridge II

I am at a loss. What can I do?

Update, I managed to connect the MacMini to QNAP