Public roadmap?


In light of the upcoming price increases, one of the things you mentioned was that there are a lot of things you’ve got planned for Roon. Is there a public roadmap where we can take part of possible upcoming changes?


Roon Labs doesn’t do public roadmaps. They’ve been burnt in the past and learned their lesson.

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I sure they have a roadmap, just not a public one… :thinking:

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True - I’ve clarified my reply. Thanks.

Thanks for clarifying. That’s a shame. Would make it easier to justify price increase if we could see what they are actually raising the prices for. But I understand.

I would evaluate a product, including Roon, on what it is today, not what it might become in the future.


The are not raising prices to cover future features, there happens to be a cost of living crises across the globe, costs of everythig have gone up, they have to pay their staff fairly and they will have increased running costs.

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