Puccini Dac + QNAP

I am a new user.Soon downloaded and tried Roon Server and then fall in love with it.Finaly i bought it.
I have a QNAP TS 470 NAS in my system,runing Roon Server.
I connect one of the usb ports of Qnap to dCS U-Clock (which is connected to the Puccini Player/Dac).
In the Audio Settings menu of Roon i see that it recognises as a dCS Debussy Dac
My first question is:
Should i contact dCS support to test that particular device, or Roon labs itself would do it.
Since my Puccini Dac is not Roon ready device,what benefits i loose of.
Puccini is DSD capable and reads 24bit/192khz.

Thank you so much

When you playback to this device via Roon does it work? It sounds like Roon is improperly recognizing the ID information that the U-Clock sends over and therefore thinks that it’s a Debussy. In reality there shouldn’t be an issue here as there’s no real difference as far as Roon is concerned.

Set the maximum sample rate to 192k and use DSD over PCM for the DSD playback strategy (don’t use the “initial dCS method”). Make sure that you have the S/PDIF output of the U-Clock connected to the correct input on the Puccini and it should just work.

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Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your response.I appreciated.

Yes it works nice from the first moment of installation.Roon is recognizing U-Clock + Puccini as Paganini DAC.So that i had manually selected from the list Debussy DAC.
If they say that there is no importance whether ID shows Paganini or Debussy and no sound quality sacrifies ,then no problem.I only wanted to notice that.
In the Roon website i don’t see my dCS Puccini under the ‘‘Roon tested DAC’s’’.
Should I understand that ‘‘If DAC works’’ then it means it is allready Roon tested?
I am using the Qnap as all in one Roon Core and RAAT player.Regarding the sound quality do i need to buy a separate player to house and play directly Roon?
Thank you in advance for your valuable advice.

No. See this: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_partner_programs#Roon_Tested_DACs

I have already took a look at !
And i am litle bit confused yet…
It works NICE but it is not TESTED yet.
Does that means , it’s a coincidence?


Plenty of DACS’s work with Roon that have not been officially tested and classed as Roon tested. It takes time and the manufactures wanting to get Roon tested status I imagine. I would not worry about it. If it works it works.

I discovered absolutely by chance that my dCS Puccini SACD/DAC+U-Clock set being recognized by Roon.
dCS produces very high-end DAC’s ,SACD players, master clock’s etc.And vast majority passed Roon Ready or Roon Tested.From my experience i know that dCS use about the same Ring DAC technology
in all their DAC’s.
Opened that topic so that anyone who uses the same dCS stack like me to not have difficulty.


I’ve played for two years now using a dCS Puccini SACD player. Initially through various incarnations of RPi + SPDIF interfaces and later using a Scarlatti clock with USB input and an Allo USBridge setup.
The latter is comparable to your setup (the Scarlatti clock replacing the U-Clock).

In this kind of setup there is no real Roon-compatibility or ‘tested’ issue. The Clock + DAC just behave like a generic USB dac. If it wouldn’t work this would not be related to Roon but rather to the device connecting to the USB port (e.g. a QNAP NAS, RPi or Sparky board).