Pulling Hair Out! Can't Connect to NAS after new STi5

I see in the thread that you have solved this, and I am just seeing this thread. I wondered if you have ever considered mapping your music folder as a network drive, and then just setting Roon to look in that drive letter instead of the whole network path.

In my case Roon runs on an always-on Windows PC and I just created a mapped drive letter for each of the folders I created on my 218+. In my case “I” is my music folder so Roon is just told to monitor that drive letter and works as expected.

I was asked the first time I tried to map to the Synology for a username and password for the NAS which validated my computer as an authorized user of the NAS and now I never get asked again.

Just wondering if this would have been an option.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do have the drive mapped as I use it that way for JRiver. I use both…JRiver’s primary function is to help manage my A&K SP1000, which it does beautifully. I was not successful in getting Roon to access the mapped drive either, but I suspect it’s because my core is now running on an STi5 and the PC with the mapping is not on and is not out of this loop.

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