Pulling Metadata from Windows file name structure?

Can Roon extract original release date from windows file name.
I have all my original release dates in my file name structure as [-19xx-] or [-20xx-] depending on the original release date century. I have many "unidentified’ fairly obscure releases, so it would really help to not have to do this for well over 5000 releases. I can get the -1978- for example to show up in the “version” on the album page, but not in the original release date field. I would really like to sort my large library by original release date without having to go in and manually change.

So, I want roon to pick up 1978 from [-1978-] in the file name and store it in the original release date metadata field. Can I do this? Thanks!

I suspect an intermediate tool would be a better bet. There are tagging apps that can draw metadata from folder and file names and insert into ID3 tags. Once in the metadata that way, it should be accessible to Roon.

Check out Tagscanner for converting file name info into tag fields.

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Steven take a look at mp3tag it can pull the metadata from the file names and save them as tags (though I mostly use it the other way round). It’s donation ware, so send the dev a few $£¢ if it sorts your problem.

You can find it at the following link


Thanks for the replies. I just have to make sure what tag name I use so that roon will put it in the “Original Release Date” field rather than “release date”. Anyone know the proper what the proper tag name is for “original Release date” for Flac files?

From this Help article, it would appear that ORIGINALRELEASEDATE is what Roon prefers…

Thanks again, I’ll give it a go. Seems worth the effort, because AllMusic doesn’t do real well with their original release year, often just the year of the 1st release in their data base. It will be nice to sort by original release year to go back to different years in music to see my “picks” from that year.