Pulp "It" not identified

Pulp’s first rcord “It” is correctly identified and tagged by All Music Guide (http://www.allmusic.com/album/it-mw0000027860 but not at all identified by Roon (album impossible to find…)


Thanks @chander_nagor. We do have this album in our database, but for some reason it’s not visible. I have a ticket to resolve this.

Thanks for your quick answer

Strange, it’s identified here. (UK based)

Versy strange indeed! Have you use any trick to get it identified?

I don’t remember, it would have been a while ago if I did.

Ok, thanks, let’s wait for the edits to the roon’s database…

Just FYI, this is unlikely to be an edit…

Well, still not identified…

Found the album by placing a period after ‘It’, since that seems to be the group’s name.