Pulse Flex 2i stereo pair + Roon + KEF LS50W

If I added two Pulse Flex 2i’s (paired together as a “stereo pair”) to my network, would I be able to create a group zone in Roon with both the paired 2i’s and my LS50W’s together into one zone for synchronized multi-room audio?

No, you can‘t. The KEF LS50w are not „Roon ready“, so you can‘t group them with Roon ready products like The Pulse Flex. KEF LS50s work with Roon using a proprietary protocol, not RAAT. RAAT, as part of the Roon ready specification, is mandatory for Zone grouping of different Audio brands.

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Thanks Hubert… that’s exactly what I was looking for (and suspected). Much appreciated.

Well, you could make the LS50W use RAAT by adding an intermediary that does…from memory there are a few people using RPi endpoints with Optical out to the LS50W for this reason.

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Like dhusky mentioned a streaming endpoint resolves the shortcoming. I have a raspberry pi connected via the USB input and I’m very happy with it. Native RAAT capabilities would still be awesome but the streamer gets the job done

just placed online order for a pair of Pulse Flex 2i with the belief that they are RAAT capable!
Hope I am right …